It was dark. Well ofcourse it was dark, it was the grid. But this seemed.. darker.. somehow.. since the portal closed it seemed that much bleaker now. A lone, green program wandering in the outlands.. surving more like it.. stumbled upon the remains on what appeared to be a unit, a house of some kind. To who it belonged he knew not, but if it meant shelter or even other programs he would have to explore it. The doors where half open but bent inwards, as if someone or something forced its way in.. he examined the doors and, just as he expected, scratch marks. The horde of the viruses were here. He didnt have much time, they would be back in a few millicycles. He slid through the gap between the doors and quickly had a look around, pulling out a baton which he modified into a torch among other things. And, in all the darkness and thunder a small shimmer did he find. He walked over to it, bent over and grabbed it. He was puzzled however. What was this new contraption he had found.. he knew not. But he also had no time to find out. If he was here for even a fraction of a millicylce longer he would not have enough time to flee the canyons and the viruses would catch his scent. He was disappointed about not finding any other programs but atleast he had found something. All he needed to do now was to find a pool of energy and he could 'rezz' up his lightcycle again, which was damaged and powerless from the last encounter with the horde. The green stranger bolted away from the house and ran towards an overhead structure to which he started walking from again. That should be enough distance to escape those.. things.. he thought..

He awoke in fright, wondering what just happened. All he could remember was walking away from some strange house then nothing. "Calm down" a strange voice said "You are safe. Here, drink this" the strange man said, offering a small glowing bowl. "All that walking you drained all your energy. This wont fill it all but it should be able to get you on your feet."

"Who are you? Where am I?" The nervouse green program questioned

"I.. am Sarson, one of the last System Monitors. Actually im probably one of the last free programs. This place is.. or was.. the remains of the Bostrum Colony. The Virus hasn't spread here yet, and the protection barrier stops them from finding us." "Thanks man.. I uhh.. oh, here, maybe you can tell me something about this"

Chapter 1Edit

"Greetings programs. If you find this recording then.. well.. good work. This is the part where im supposed to say something like 'If you find this message it means im dead'. Well the truth is I dont know what will happen to me. Reports have come in from all over the grid about infections and destruction. Just before Flynn was evacuated, he mentioned something about an install file, and that we need to find the Soul Coder. Im not sure who this

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