Keep in mind that all grid sections are merely starting points. you can venture off into other parts if your roleplay requires it, just keep it within your section (e.g. i went into the game grid section but RPed leaving. i still edit the game grid section im just in a different section). the brackets LOCATION next to OPEN will change according to each section's rp location. after the end of a roleplay the page will be deleted, meaning any red page is an open roleplay while blue is closed to new people joining

ENCOM Grid SectionsEdit

The Solar Sailor Hanger (Open)

Sarks Command Ship (Open)

Forum:The Central Computer Mesa:The Central Computer Mesa (Open)

The Game Grid (Open)

The Canyons and Outskirts (Open)

Flynns Personal ServerEdit

Ariji City (open)

Tron City (open)

Bostrum Colony (open)

The New Game Grid (open)

The Outlands (open)

The Rectifier (open)