Welcome to the Tron Fan Fiction Wiki Text based Roleplaying forum! This forum can be used by members of this community to roleplay characters that they make up themselves, relative to Tron. There are a few rules and processes that you must to when starting or joining a section of the grid.

  • Character sheets are used to show who your characters are and general traits, abilities and items they might have. this should change as the roleplay progresses but it is more of a common sense type thing, not a rule
  • Character Sheets should be made up of ORIGINAL characters. no Trons, Clus, Sarks, Yoris, Flynns etc. System Monitors are allowed ONLY in the grid section provided.
  • Each section will have an alloted time open for transport (or use) once this time has closed you must wait for the roleplay finish. if their are no available sections contact the current forum leader, Astro, and a new section may be added.
  • User Created sections will have their own rules and such set down by the one who created the section (these people are known as gamemasters). they do not abide by the above rules but any roleplay in this section can be deleted if standards are not met (swearing, unorginised groups, general lack of roleplay)
  • "If you lose your disc or fail to follow commands you will be subject to immediate deresoultion, that is all"
  • Any questions about anything regarding the forums can go here, no get out there and get started, program.
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